Career Development Pathways in Police Managements

What You Need to Know

Skills Generation in partnership with Da’Vange Consulting is offering experienced professionals the opportunity to gain Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for their current experience to gain nationally accredited qualifications. Successful candidates will need to complete 8 units of competency comprising 2 mandatory core and 6 elective units. Elective units have been chosen to meet industry standard.

How Does It Work?

You will be asked to complete an RPL Application and provide evidence against each of the units. Where there are gaps in your evidence, a professional conversation with your assessor from DaV’ange Consulting may provide additional evidence. Your assessor may also ask you to provide further evidence to substantiate your claim of competency in a particular unit/s. Where gaps in evidence remain – that is that you cannot be considered competent on the evidence provided, gap training will be made available to you. For gap training, you will be provided with workbooks and given written assessments to complete.

Career Development Pathway

  • Commisioned Officer – Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership – AQF 8
  • Senior Sargent – Graduate Diploma in Strategic Leadership – AQF 8
  • Sargent – Graduate Certificate of Police Management – AQF 8
  • Senior Constable – Diploma of Leadership and Management – AQF 5
  • Constable – Diploma of Justice Studies – AQF 5

Qualifications for Career Development

Diploma Of Justice Studies – 39293QLD

  • QLD595JUS03A Analyse crime, punishment and victimology issues
  • QLD595JUS01A Apply criminal law
  • QLD595JUS02A Apply procedural and evidentiary rules
  • PSPREG401C Exercise regulatory powers
  • PSPETHC501B Promote the values and ethos of public service
  • CSCORG605A Research issues of concern in correctional services
  • BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information
  • BSBLEG413A Identify and apply the legal framework

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Graduate Certificate In Police Management – POL80115

  • POLGEN007 Review policing governance and accountability compliance
  • POLGEN008 Conduct an appreciation of incident management
  • POLGEN009 Contribute to and implement policing strategy and policy
  • POLGEN010 Demonstrate high level management capabilities within a policing context
  • POLGEN011 Demonstrate leadership capabilities in a policing context
  • POLGEN012 Manage risk within a policing context

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Graduate Diploma Strategic Leadership – BSB80215

  • BSBLDR801 Lead personal and strategic transformation
  • BSBLDR802 Lead the strategic planning process for an enterprise
  • BSBLDR803 Develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships and relationships
  • BSBLDR804 Influence and shape diversity management
  • BSBLDR805 Lead and influence change
  • BSBLDR806 Lead and influence ethical practice
  • BSBPMG808 Manage portfolio risk
  • BSBLED806 Plan and implement a coaching strategy

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Diploma of Leadership and Management – BSB51915

  • BSBLDR501 Develop and use emotional intelligence
  • BSBMGT517 Manage operational plan
  • BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
  • BSBWOR502 Lead and manage team effectiveness
  • BSBMGT502 Manage people performance
  • BSBADM502 Manage Meetings
  • BSBHRM405 Supported the recruitment, selection and induction of staff
  • BSBWOR501 Manage personal work priorities and professional development
  • BSBCUS501 Manage qualify customer service
  • BSBRSK501 Manage risk
  • BSBPMG522 Undertake project work
  • BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace

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